Scientific Integrity

Dr. Heather Fullerton at the University of California, San Francisco is developing this section of the website.

The section will include:

  • Links to the extensive NIH resources on Scientific Integrity/Rigor/Reproducibility or

More information on Rigor updates to training grants can be found in the guide notice NOT-OD-16-034. As mentioned in this notice, K12 application instructions and review criteria will be updated at a later date, no earlier than FY17. In anticipation of these upcoming requirements, we will be posting additional training resources on the NIGMS Clearinghouse website.

The NIH Rigor and Reproducibility Efforts Team

  • CNCDP faculty will provide insights into what they’ve learned in their experience about what needs to be done “correctly” and how not to do it “incorrectly” or “poorly” and include this in the concept of doing research rigorously. This could be a growing document that could ultimately serve a much broader community
  • A blog will be created on this website to make it more of a “living” site.

Rigor and Reproducibility in NIH Applications: Resource Chart