Applications are DUE

All applications are due on August 15, 2017, EST 12midnight, once submitted no further changes can be made.

If the candidate has previously submitted an application to the CNCDP for a similar project, please identify the ways in which the application has been changed/strengthened since the prior submission. NIH format Bio sketches from the candidate and mentor are also required.

All documents (2 page letter of intent and biosketches) should be merged into a single PDF and submitted as one document on the CNCDP-K12 website at www.CNCDP-K12 .

Following review of the LOIs by the National Advisory Executive Committee, successful candidates will be invited to submit a complete Final Application. All candidates must be United States citizens or permanent resident with a green card at the time of submission of the application on August 15, 2017.

Candidates who submit letters of Intent can view Instructions online for submitting a full application.